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Green Power Punch

This is the recipe for the juice from yesterday’s post. I do not lay claim to this recipe, and I do not know where I got it from…I suspect that it originally came from the juicer pamphlet that came with my machine, or something equally cheesy.

This is sincerely the best green juice I have had so far.  It is a good beginner-friendly juice, in my humble opinion.  It is light, fresh, and green, without being bitter, thick, or overpowering.  It has just the right amount of sweetness to please your taste buds, without making the juice noticeably sweet.

Green Power Punch
Makes 1 – 16 oz glass

2c. Kale
2c. Parsley Sprigs
1c. Spinach Leaves
1 Medium Green Apple
3 Stalks Celery
1/2 Green Bell Pepper

Juicer Set-upSet up your juicer of choice on the counter and gather your ingredients.

Fresh Vegetables

Wash all ingredients.

Fresh Vegetables_Celery_Pepper_ApplePrepare each ingredient so that it is ready for juicing.  I cored my apples and cut them into large chunks, however, some juicers require you to peel the fruit first, so please check with your juicer’s specific requirements before prepping your ingredients.  As a general rule, you want all of your ingredients cleaned and cut to a size equal to 2/3 the width of the juicer chute.

Fresh Juice_Power Punch_5Run all the ingredients through your juicer, following your juicer’s directions for proper use.  I HIGHLY recommend that you alternate water-dense foods (such as apples and celery) with drier, leafier foods (such as kale and parsley) so that the juicer better processes all ingredients and is less likely to get “gummed up.”

Fresh Juice_Power Punch_1Sit back and enjoy the fresh taste and proud feeling of juicing your own vegetables and fruits!!

I have had many fresh juices over the years, but after making this juice yesterday, I have realized that juicing fresh from the farmer’s market in your own home is light-years beyond what you will be able to purchase anywhere.  Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Do you have the strength?


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