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Farmer’s Market Reboot

Farmer's Market Reboot

This roller-coaster of life has given me many excuses to continue to start and stop my weight loss for the last year. Although I could justify them all, I will preserve some of my dignity by just saying that they were essentially unjustified excuses. I make progress, then backslide, then get back on track…over and over. I am slowly working myself to a consistent commitment to myself and my health…notice I said “slowly.” I am a constant work-in-progress.

For those of you still reading my blog, your patience is greatly appreciated.

Last night, a rather lengthy before-bed talk with my fiance led us to another “we can’t keep doing this” moment. So, this morning we did what good, healthy people do, and hit the farmer’s market for a good walk, some motivation, and many healthy snack/meal options.

I came home with more bags than arms, and the photo above is a product of the booty of that trip. Exquisite berries that just explode in your mouth and enough fresh greens and green vegetables to make the BEST green juice I have ever had in my life…now, to be fair, this is also the FIRST homemade green juice I have ever made. I have had several green juices over the years and have been put-off by most of them. This one juice is a triumph for me.

If you all want the recipe, which I got from the juicer pamphlet I think, let me know in the comments and I will post it this week.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy week to come!

Do you have the strength?


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