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Helpful (Free!) App

LoseIt App ImageFor the last month I have been writing down every bite of food, and every minute of exercise on these templates that I made in Microsoft Word.  Now, although handy, this has proved to be an exhaustive waste of resources and is taking up too much space on my desk!  I went searching for a solution last week, and I found this excellent resource called “Lose It!”

This is a free resource that allows you to track and control different aspects of your eating and exercising life.  They do have a paid version, for something like $40/year, but I have yet to see a reason to purchase it.  The free version has a ton of built-in benefits.  Here is a screen shot of my exercise for the last two weeks:

LoseIt App Image

You can track food, exercise, nutrient content, calories, and weight.  You can join challenges for everything from weight loss, to running, to water consumption, to tracking calories.  You can join communities of like-minded people: running groups, walking groups, city groups, mothers groups…or by weight loss amount: 10 pounds to lose, 50 pounds to lose, 100+ pounds to lose, 200+ pounds to lose…or join me in the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey (Dr. Who) fan group!  (Yeah, I am a total nerd…)

Long story cut short, I have fallen in love with this app…it can be downloaded onto every device known to man, as well as accessed from your computer at home.  If you click on either of the pictures in this post, it will link you right to their website where you can sign up!  Oh, and it is good for everyone, not just people with a TON of weight to lose like me.

Do you have the strength?


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